Research Center for International Economics
at the University of International Business and Economics

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The RCIE@UIBE consists of the following people and positions (to be updated whenever necessary):

  LIN Guijun
  ZHAO Zhongxiu
  SHI Wei
Executive Committee
Director: WONG Kar-yiu
  Associate Director (Academic): TANG Yihong
  Associate Director (Program): YIN Xiaopeng
  Executive Secretary: MA Xiaopeng
Membership Committee
  Chair: TANG Yihong
Program Committee
  Chair: WONG Kar-yiu
  Associate Chair:  YIN Xiaopeng
Seminar Committee
  Chair: YIN Xiaopeng
Publication Committee
Chair: WONG Kar-yiu
  Members: TANG Yihong
    GE Ying
Visiting Committee
  Co-Chair: WONG Kar-yiu
    ZHAO Zhongxiu

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