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International Conference

China and the Global Economy:

Economic Integration and Protectionism

Beijing, June 22-23, 2009

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Post-conference notes: Because the University prohibited the holding of international conferences on campus because of the swine flu, we had moved the conference to Marco Polo Parkside Hotel. Some of the participants stayed in that hotel. Despite the disruption, the conference was held successfully and smoothly. Please feel free to download a copy of the program of the conference and some of the papers that may interest you.

This is the first annual conference of the Center. It will be held on the campus of the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) on June 22-23, 2009.

The theme of this conference is economic integration and protectionism. Papers (theoretical or empirical) that are related to the following topics are especially welcome:

  • foreign trade and foreign direct investment (especially related to China);

  • regionalism and multilateralism, including free trade areas and economic cooperation among economies;

  • exchange rates and currencies (especially renminbi);

  • economic integration, including regionalism and multilateralism;

  • China’s foreign economic policies;

  • China’s exchange rate, monetary, and fiscal policies and related impacts;

  • Trade conflicts, disputes, and issues between China and other economies;

  • WTO and China;

  • Protectionism and financial crisis;

Please send the draft of a paper or an extended abstract to YIN Xiaopeng <>. The deadline for receiving submission is March 31, 2009. We prefer to receive one submission by one person, unless different papers will be presented by different co-authors.  


Please include in your submission your name, e-mail address(es), affiliation, and mailing address. For joint papers, please include the relevant information of ALL co-authors.


There will be no registration fee. In general participants are responsible for travel expenses (except they are invited guests or coming under the visiting program described below). Subsidy may be provided to some participants, subject to fund availability.


To encourage interactions among participants, the Center is setting up a visiting program during the time of the conference. Participants of the conference are invited to stay at UIBE for a longer period of time; e.g., one week or two weeks, with the conference included in the period. Accommodation and daily allowance will be provided to some visiting scholars. Subject to availability, office space will be provided as well.


If you are interested in the visiting program, please indicate when you want to be at UIBE, what paper(s) or topic(s) you will be working on during the visit, and send the information to YIN Xiaopeng.


Participants are encouraged to submit the papers to a new journal China Economic Policy Review. More information about this journal will be posted soon.

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